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Little Owl Restaurant
Grove & Bedford Streets v2 p3Porto Rico Importing Company
Bleecker Street v2 p5Thompson Street Wine
222 Thompson Street v2 p7The Pink Tea Cup v2 p9Bleecker Street Records
239 Blecker Street v2 p11Empire State Building
Bleecker Street & 6th Ave v2 p13Dan Pesche
Downing Street v2 p15Pizza Box
Bleecker Street v2 p17Once Upon a Tart
Sullivan Street v2 p19Cafe Figaro II
Bleecker & MacDougal Streets v2 p21Prince & West Broadway v2 p23Village Chess Shop
Thompson Street v2 p25Purdy Girl
Thompson Street v2 p27Blue Ribbon Market
Bedford Street v2 p29Raffetto's 1906
West Houston Street v2 p31Cafe Espanol
Bleecker Street v2 p33Avignone Pharmacy
Bleecker Street & Sixth Avenue v2 p35Village Lantern
Bleecker & Sullivan Streets v2 p37Picasso
La Guardia Place v2 p39The Bottom Line
West 4th Street v2 p41254 Prince Street
at MacDougal Street v2 p43Arturo's Coal Oven Pizza
106 West Houston Street v2 p45Church of St. Anthony of Padua
Sullivan Street v2 p47Cafe Reggio
MacDougal Street v2 p49St. Mark's in the Village
Second Avenue & 10th Street v2 p51Native Leather
Bleecker Street v2 p53Carpo's Cafe
MacDougal & Bleecker Streets v2 p55Second Avenue v2 p57Carmine Street Gourmet Deli
Sixth Avenue & Carmine Street v2 p59Fillmore East
Second Avenue & East 6th Street
v2 p61Bitter End
Bleecker Street v2 p63Love Saves the Day
Second Avenue v2 p65Washington Square Park
at Lower Fifth Avenue v2 p67Smith's
MacDougal Street v2 p69Cafe Wha
MacDougal Street v2 p71The Red Lion
Bleecker & Thompson Streets v2 p73Wicked Willies
Bleecker Street v2 p75Market Table
Carmine & Bedford Streets v2 p77Nawell's House
Leroy Street v2 p79Mary & Doug's House
Morton Street v2 p81Theresia
Carmine Street v2 p83Tiro a Segno, Shooting Club
MacDougal Street v2 p85Collegiate Church 1891
Second Avenue v2 p87Steven Van Zandt
West 4th Street v2 p89Model Nail
Bleecker & Sullivan Streets v2 p91Artful Posters
Bleecker Street v2 p93Carmine Street Guitars
Carmine Street v2 p95Jokers Tattoos
Bleecker Street v2 p97M
West 4th Street v2 p99Stu Art
Sullivan Street v2 p101Blue Ribbon Oyster Bar
Sullivan Street v2 p103West 4th & Perry Street v2 p105Barbara's Home
Perry Street v2 p107Extra Virgin
West 4th & Perry Street v2 p10950 Perry Street v2 p11167-69 Perry Street v2 p11380-82 Perry Street v2 p115
This is the image gallery for Joe Forte's New York Greenwich Village and its Environs Volume 2. Click on an image to see it in the gallery viewer.
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