This is the image gallery for Joe Forte's New York Greenwich Village and its Environs Volume 1. Click on an image to see it in the gallery viewer.
Cooper Diner  NYC v1 p3
88 Second AvenueSelf Reliance Comonomiy  NYC v1 p5
Haval Indian NYC v1 p7
100 Second Avenue
Stomp  NYC v1 p9
126 Second Avenue
Bruno's Bakery  NYC v1 p11
506 Laguardia Place

Moishe's Bake Shop  NYC v1 p13
115 Second Avenue

The Fantasticks, Sullivan St. Playhouse  NYC v1 p15
181 Sullivan Street

Havana  NYC v1 p17
94 Christopher Street
Tibet Art and Crafts  NYC v1 p19
197 Bleecker Street
9th Precinct  NYC v1 p21
321 6th Street
Sam's Falafel  NYC v1 p23
231 Thompson Street
Gershwin Home  NYC v1 p25
Second Avenue
Cafe Tina  NYC v1 p27
Prince Street
Song  NYC v1 p29
MacDougal Street
Father Demo Square  NYC v1 p31
Sixth Avenue & Bleecker Street
Water Towers  NYC v1 p33
Houston & West Broadway
Twin Towers  NYC v1 p35
Laguardia Place & Bleecker Street
Enter  NYC v1 p37
Thompson Street
Prince & West Broadway  NYC v1 p39
Church of Our Lady of Pompei  NYC v1 p41
Carmine & Bleecker Streets
Chess Forum  NYC v1 p43
Thompson Street
22 Grove Street  NYC v1 p45
at Bedford Street
No. 28 Pizza  NYC v1 p47
Carmine Street
Suzanne's House  NYC v1 p49
Thompson Street
Porto Bello  NYC v1 p51
Thompson Street
Bleecker & Thompson Streets  NYC v1 p53
Mary Ann's  NYC v1 p55
Second Avenue
Block Drug Store 1885  NYC v1 p57
Second Avenue
2nd Avenue Deli  NYC v1 p59
Second Avenue
Merchant's Museum  NYC v1 p61
East 4th Street
Blue Ribbon Bakery  NYC v1 p63
Downing & Bedford Streets
Cafe 'Ino  NYC v1 p65
Bedford Street
Kate's House  NYC v1 p67
Jones Street
True Blood & John's  NYC v1 p69
Houston Street & Sixth Avenue
Cuba  NYC v1 p71
Thompson Street
McNulty's 7895  NYC v1 p73
Christopher Street
Little Red School House  NYC v1 p75
Bleecker Street & Sixth Avenue
Florencia 13  NYC v1 p77
Sullivan Street
Cafe Espanol  NYC v1 p79
Carmine Street
Mora Kote Siam  NYC v1 p81
Carmine Street
Shorty's 32  NYC v1 p83
Prince Street
Meat Market, J. Baczynsky  NYC v1 p85
Second Avenue
Villa Mosconi  NYC v1 p87
MacDougal Street
Rocco Restaurant  NYC v1 p89
Thompson Street
Village Tavern  NYC v1 p91
Bleecker Street
Blue Note  NYC v1 p93
West 3rd Street
Camje  NYC v1 p95
MacDougal Street
Bob Dylan  NYC v1 p97
MacDougal Street
Yoko Ono  NYC v1 p99
Downing Street
Tomoe Sushi & Lupa  NYC v1 p101
Thompson StreetKenny Castaways  NYC v1 p103
Bleecker Street
Suzie's  NYC v1 p105
Bleecker Street
Garibaldi  NYC v1 p107
Washington Square Park
The McKinley  NYC v1 p109
Perry Street
Generation Records  NYC v1 p111
Thompson Street
Sant Ambrose  NYC v1 p113
West 4th & Perry Street

Sullivan Street Diner NYC v1 p115
169 Sullivan Street
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